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You’ve read about this being the worst spring for allergies ever. But better news: the worst is over. Spring pollens were terrible, peaked, and now they’re back to normal. Of course, that may mean that some of you are still … Continue reading

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Strengthening the Core Video – Preventing Injuries

What if this New Year resolve was different? What if you made a resolve to get into shape and you got results? Too often people start a new exercise regime and it fizzles out. One reason for this is choosing … Continue reading

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61 year old female swimmer attempts to swim from Cuba to Florida, read story.  It seems that she originally tried to do this when she was 28 and couldn’t complete the trip. Unfortunately she experienced problems this time and had … Continue reading

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Requests have started coming in for help achieving fitness goals.  This one is from Sue: I love this idea! I am training for the Warrior Dash in September, a 3 mile obstacle course that involves, running, climbing, crawling on hands … Continue reading

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You’ve decided it’s time to take that next step.  Run a marathon, cycle a century, test yourself with a triathlon.  You’ve got a goal. Now you’ve got to do it. Goals are important in fitness. They help keep us motivated … Continue reading

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Allergy Season Is Intense This Year

Allergy season is intense this year, but it’s gratifying to see my allergy patients. They’re doing fine. No particular sneezing or wheezing, just getting out and enjoying the spring. I get asked all the time: Can you really get rid … Continue reading

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Getting More Out of Exercise

Image by MyGymworkout.co.uk via Flickr January is that time when we put away the holiday decorations, get back to normal work schedules, go on a diet and start exercising.  Today at the gym I was talking to a woman who … Continue reading

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What’s Stress to You?

Image by KTDEE…….back now and then via Flickr Chronic stress can take a serious toll on your body, undermining just about every physical system.  When your body senses danger but has no release, it can go into overdrive and not … Continue reading

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Getting Back in Shape

Image by Old Shoe Woman via Flickr There’s a lot to be said for getting in shape. You feel better, look better, and your clothes start fitting better. But what if you haven’t done much for a while? How do … Continue reading

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