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Chicago Marathon Tips – Your Feet

It’s 11 days before the marathon and who needs new tips now?? You’ve been training, working up your miles, figuring out your food, learning from either your own or others past experiences. Trying something new this close to the marathon … Continue reading

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Preventing Repetitive Stress Injuries

Recently the L.A. Times  had a story about classical musicians and repetitive stress injuries, sometimes leading to pain so severe it ended their careers. Repetitive stress doesn’t just affect musicians. It can strike office workers with carpal tunnel injuries, inflamed … Continue reading

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Hiking and Havasu Falls

I just got back from hiking Havasu Canyon.  It is located in the Grand Canyon, on the Havasupai Reservation.  The area is beautiful, hiking down with jaw dropping views, finally climbing down to waterfalls and amazing blue-green colored water. It … Continue reading

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You’ve read about this being the worst spring for allergies ever. But better news: the worst is over. Spring pollens were terrible, peaked, and now they’re back to normal. Of course, that may mean that some of you are still … Continue reading

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What’s Stress to You?

Image by KTDEE…….back now and then via Flickr Chronic stress can take a serious toll on your body, undermining just about every physical system.  When your body senses danger but has no release, it can go into overdrive and not … Continue reading

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