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Flowering trees (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You’ve read about this being the worst spring for allergies ever. But better news: the worst is over. Spring pollens were terrible, peaked, and now they’re back to normal. Of course, that may mean that some of you are still sneezing.

The good news comes from Rick DiMaio, who does savvy weather & gardening reports at Ch2 and Mike Nowak’s Garden Show at Chicago Progressive Talk Radio. Rick will tell you what others may leave out, so I asked him to interpret the data.

The Bad: March’s pollen counts were off the charts.  The sudden onset of warm weather created an explosion of plant life, followed by soaring pollen counts.

The Good: We had a reprieve. High winds and cooler temperatures have lowered the counts. Tree and weed readings are still high, grass is moderate and mold counts are actually low.

Of course, none of that counts if you happen to be allergic to whatever is blooming right now. Flowering trees are still in bloom, and cottonwood is yet to blossom. We’re farther along on the annual cycle, but everything that blooms will still come around, and your allergies will come with it.

So now that we have a moment’s breathing space (pun intended), let’s look at ways to help your allergies this year.

  • Decrease stress. An allergy is an overreaction by the immune response. If your immune system is stressed, it’s more apt to overreact. Just like you’re more likely to catch cold if you’ve run yourself down, you’re more likely to have a worse reaction if your immune system is overtaxed.
  • Catch some ZZZZs. Nothing like lack of sleep to increase stress and tax your systems. A little extra rest will help your body adjust.
  • Acupuncture or NMT. Acupuncture helps open up the nasal passages quickly, and also helps remove stress. NMT corrects errors in the immune system itself to get to the root of the problem.

Allergy season isn’t over yet, so I’ll keep updating allergy reports from Rick DiMaio, and adding more tips. Meanwhile, enjoy the spring!

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