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What if this New Year resolve was different? What if you made a resolve to get into shape and you got results?

Too often people start a new exercise regime and it fizzles out. One reason for this is choosing the wrong exercises and ending up injured.

Everyone talks about strengthening core muscles, which is a very good thing.  You can even find core exercises in the Sunday paper.  However many of these exercises unduly stress vulnerable parts of the body like the knees or the shoulders.  Instead of building up your core, you get hurt, which derails your exercise plan.

Getting hurt exercising is just wrong.  The thing to remember is that not every exercise is good for every person.  You want to know a number of different exercises so you can choose what’s best for you. You also want to know the best way of doing them, in order to prevent injury and get results.

This can be hard to explain in so many words, so I made a video to demonstrate safe ways to exercise. This will show you exercises that strengthen your core without hurting vulnerable joints.

Now, everyone is different, so if something hurts beyond ordinary muscle soreness, don’t do it. Soreness and stiffness is one thing. Pain, particularly joint pain, is a sign that something’s wrong.

Often when people think about core exercises, they focus only on stomach muscles.  The back, buttocks, legs and even arms all play a part in keeping your core strong.  When your strong core, your body is more stable, and better able to handle more physical challenges. You can build up your fitness without ending up in pain.

So check out the first part of my video for solid, safe, core exercises. Part II will follow with the next blog.

It’s the New Year. It’s a great time to get in shape and get the results you’ve wanted.

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