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"Bonny has a fabulous gift for holistic healing. She has provided innovative, versatile and precisely directed treatments that offered me immediate and sustained relief from a variety of issues such as allergies, back and neck problems, headaches and stress related symptoms." —Linda A.


"I wanted to thank you so much for the healing work we have done together. My health has improved greatly. The NMT therapy utilized has significantly reduced my concerns with allergies. I can eat English muffins again. Yippee! Also, the median work addressing my constant back pain has allowed me a better quality of life. Most importantly, I am appreciative of the safety that I feel due to your compassionate and intuitive nature." —Megan P.


"Dr. Flaster is highly skilled, compassionate and clearly dedicated to helping her patients live better. She is keeping me active and healthy at an age when many people give in to pain. I would recommend her to anyone.—Kathleen T.


Allergy Elimination (NMT)

"A 1 hour session of NMT has cured 15 years of hayfever!" —Tim


Because of you, I no longer have to take Alegra D, 24/7 - I've had allergies ever since I can remember - asthma as a kid, and seasonal problems after that. It's great to be able to enjoy the outdoors and our farm without having to take drugs for allergies. I can also sleep through the night without tingling in my fingers - it's great to get a good night's sleep. Also working with you, I never feel like I have a problem that I'm stuck with for life, whether it's orthopedic or emotional, you have been able to help me get back normal. —Bonnie S.


"At 28, I thought I would have allergies forever. I had suffered from food, animal and seasonal allergies since I was a child. From May through October my nose was continually runny, my eyes red and itchy, a box of tissues my constant companion. It was especially frustrating for me because I was an animal lover, and simply touching the soft fur of a dog or cat caused sinus congestion, itchy and watery eyes, and sometimes wheezing.


"My family had always believed in alternative health care, so I had tried just about everything out there, but with limited success. I had also tried every new allergy prescription, enduring harsh side effects for little relief.


"It was with a strong dose of skepticism that I finally tried NMT with Dr. Flaster. It worked and it worked dramatically! Sometimes I even noticed a big change right during the treatment, with my sinuses clearing instantly. After a series of treatments, all my symptoms disappeared.


"I no longer experience nasal congestion or irritated eyes. I no longer spend money on expensive prescriptions. And now I have a wonderful cat, who has no idea why I let her sleep on my head—I've been deprived of kitty cuddles for too long!" —Sally G


"I can live much more comfortably as a member of the human race without my comfort and well-being being intruded upon and eroded by things people wear -- after-shave lotion, perfume, fabric softener, hair spray, scented soaps and deodorants; I can eat and enjoy (til bladder diagnosis) whatever I want to, without the terrible limitations I experienced with multiple food allergies; I can enjoy eating with friends, going out to eat; I can travel without having to pack food for the trip; I get more nutrition out of the food that I eat because my body can absorb it, I have much more energy, and people no longer call me "skinny," I feel much better much more of the time instead of struggling constantly with feeling bad —Joyce D.


Chronic Fatigue (NMT)

"Is it possible to go from 17 years of rarely feeling well and being able to work only part time to a more than full time job, including being on call evenings and nights, and having energy left for fun times? I am walking and talking proof! Western medicine had no cure nor relief for my chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome and fibromyalgia. But Dr. Bonny Flaster, through her NMT treatments, restored not only my physical stamina but significantly improved my emotional and mental functioning. What a blessing! —Linda B. 



Still to this day I am grateful for the relief I've found through your chiropractic work. Since my treatment, I am able to do the small things again without worrying about the pain. I can sneeze without pain tearing through my lower back, bend over the sink to brush my teeth and stand straight up again instead of a gradual slow process necessary to accommodate the pain from bending forward.


I remember how difficult the little things used to be and even after several years of being well I still feel gratitude for the treatment I received and the results that followed. I don't have to take into consideration how well my back will support me. If I want to lift things and move them around, exercise and stretch, lay out on the grass in the sun and get back up again, I can. None of these things worry me anymore because I know I will be able to get through each of them without any pain. I'm only in my 30's and am very active so I could never let the pain stop me before, I just learned to accommodate it. Now I don't have to anymore. I can still remember the first time I was able to bend all the way over and touch my toes again! —Debra P.


Athletic Performance (PMT)

"As a master athlete I need to be more aware of physical issues to stay fit and competitive. Bonny Flaster has been able to keep me in balance and injury-free with her new technique. My recovery time is shorter, and I've been able to maintain strength and stamina much longer than before. I highly recommend Bonny to any athlete."

—Diane G.


Injuries (PMT)

"I fell off a ladder and crashed through a closet, which left one leg a mass of bruises. Dr. Flaster gave me a series of PMT treatments. After the first day I lost the limp, after two days I was largely pain-free, and on the third day I danced at a wedding." —Andra M.


Long-Standing Aches (Multiple Techniques)

"I had been having problems in my neck and upper back for some time. I had stopped going to my exercise class because of it. I went to several chiropractors but nothing happened. When I went to Bonny my neck and back got better and better. I went back to my exercise class and now I am just fine." —Helen P.


"Bonny has always kept abreast of the newest developments and applied them to her patients. She is a remarkable practitioner in her dedication to her patients, always choosing to take the time to do her work right." —Tom H.





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