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Dr. Bonny Flaster

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Neuromodulation technique is a treatment that involves tapping directly into the nervous system in order to treat allergies, autoimmune problems, digestive problems, neurological disorders or any other malady affected by the nervous system. Developed by Dr. Leslie Feinberg, NMT taps into a basic truth: your nervous system already knows what is going on in your body and is trying to correct the situation. The problem is that it's not yet succeeding.  

NMT works with the nervous system, immune system, endocrine system and digestive system to focus and refine what the body already trying to do: achieve optimal health. Sometimes the body gets confused, which results in disorders such as allergies, neurological conditions, digestive disorders, autoimmune conditions or pain syndromes. NMT finds out where the confusion is, and then directs the body to the proper path for correction and healing.  

How does it work?

NMT is non-invasive and non-disruptive. It involves no pills or needles. First the body is 'asked' about the problem, using muscle response testing. The body is then given very specific instructions, verbally, about how to eliminate the underlying confusion and correct the problem or problems. Gentle tapping is then performed on back points to focus the body's attention to correct the imbalance.  

Many patients report marked improvement or pain relief after one session, although long-standing conditions usually require a series of treatments. In most cases, definite improvements can be expected in 6-10 session. NMT targets the source. Rather than working on individual allergies or reactions, NMT works with the nervous system to stop the tendency to have allergies or undue reactions. Because NMT goes to the heart of the problem it has been successful in helping many people who have “tried everything” before with little success.